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Sales forecasting and replenishment

replenishment suggestions
See replenishment suggestions for each product
Replenishment report shows products that need to be reordered and quantities to reorder. For each product you will find the estimation of potentially lost revenue due to being out of stock. To compute accurate forecasting many factors are taken into account, such as seasonality, out of stock periods, average sales, trends, product lead time, and others.
purchase orders
Save time creating purchase orders
Create purchase orders with the right quantities in one click using the sales forecast. Select some products in the report and use bulk actions to generate the purchase order with these products. Once a purchase order has been created, we will adjust replenishment suggestions accordingly.
inventory alerts
Be notified in advance
Based on the sales forecast the Inventory Planner estimates the moment when product is likely to sell out. It's important to reorder product in advance because of delivery delay. Inventory Planner sends you an alert when it is time to purchase more of the product so that you won’t lose any sales in the meantime.
aggregated forecasting
See the forecasting for your suppliers, categories and brands
Replenishment report can be used for individual products and also for aggregated sales of categories, brands, or vendors. Forecasting for group of products gives you a top level overview of how much inventory you need to carry for the next season.
consistent data
Sync your data automatically
Inventory Planner keeps your data up to date with your e-commerce platform. More importantly Inventory Planner registers the historical state of your inventory. You can go back in time and see how much inventory you had for a product or a group of products.
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