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Purchase Orders

purchase orders creation
Create purchase orders with the right quantities
Use replenishment suggestions to create purchase orders. To simplify the process even more you can upload vendor references and product cost prices to have them prefilled in purchase orders. Once a purchase order is created, replenishment suggestions are adjusted accordingly.
purchase orders management
Track your purchase orders
Inventory Planner manages the entire process of product procurement. You can create and edit purchase orders, generate invoices, and mark products as received. You can choose to partially or fully receive purchase orders.
Send invoices to your suppliers
Effortlessly email purchase orders to your suppliers directly from Inventory Planner in the pdf or csv format. You can also download the invoice as a pdf to print it out.
external inventory management
Connect your inventory management system
You can create purchase orders automatically from Inventory Planner on your multichannel inventory management system, such as BrightPearl, Ordoro, and others. All purchase orders will be synchronized and taken into account in replenishment suggestions.
Track vendor performance
For each of your suppliers you will be able to see how much product you have on order and in stock, the cost and retail value of products, the turnover. The forecasted sales for each vendor allow you to evaluate how much you should invest in it.
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