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Overstock management

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Move old stock
Inventory Planner identifies slowly moving inventory and helps to take action on it. You will see if product is overstocked according to its current sales velocity. We can also analyze some common reasons why a product might not be selling well, for example the most popular sizes or colors are sold out.
google analytics
Use Google Analytics for insights
Google Analytics can be a good friend to identify reasons behind low performance. You can see how many visits and bounces a product has, its conversion rate, etc. Sometimes it’s enough to redirect some traffic to these products to sell them out.
See how much revenue is locked in overstock according to sales forecast
We prioritize the list of slow moving products based on "unrealized revenue" which is the difference between the product’s retail value and forecast revenue. This way you can focus on products with high unrealized revenue and significantly improve your inventory turnover.
Optimize the pricing of products
Inventory Planner helps to better price products by comparing profit at current price and at discounted prices. By analyzing sales at different price points we can predict the optimal price that delivers maximum profit at a given cost price.
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