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Ordoro integration

Inventory Planner
  • Purchase orders creation using sales forecast
  • Overstock management
  • Inventory insights and advanced analytics
  • Fast & cheap shipping labels
  • Total inventory management
  • Seamless dropshipping
how it works together


Connect your Ordoro account to Inventory Planner and see how you can reduce overstock and understock in your inventory.

Use Demand Forecasting

See replenishment suggestions for all of your products and create purchase orders with right products and quantities in one click.

Manage Purchase Orders

Changes to your purchase orders in Ordoro will be synced automatically with your Inventory Planner account to maintain accurate replenishment suggestions.

How to get started

Create a new user in your Ordoro account
In order to create a new user go to Settings -> Users in your Ordoro account and click at "Add a user" button. This step is useful to keep track of user activity in your account.
Connect your Ordoro account
Create an account in Inventory Planner. Choose your platform as Ordoro and enter credentials of the newly created user. First time it can take a while to compute replenishment suggestions for all your products. You will receive an email when your data is ready.
Check out the replenishment report
The replenishment report shows you which and how many products need to be purchased. For each product you will also find the estimation of potential lost revenue if you don't purchase it on time.
Create purchase orders
Use replenishment suggestions to create purchase orders. Select several products in the report and use bulk actions to generate the purchase order with these products. Please note that once a purchase order has been created, replenishment suggestions are adjusted accordingly.
Sync your data automatically
Inventory Planner keeps your data up to date with Ordoro. It pulls your new products and orders automatically and syncs purchase orders when you create them in Inventory Planner.
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