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How to connect your store from any platform

data preparation
How we sync your data.
You can connect your store to Inventory Planner even if we don't have an automatic connector for your e-commerce platform. In this case you need to prepare your data in the special TSV/Excel format on your side and make it available via a Dropbox or a web server.

We will sync this data automatically on the daily basis, so by keeping it up to date on our side you will have the latest data in Inventory Planner.
data format
Prepare your data for importing.
When you connect your store to Inventory Planner you should provide URLs of two TSV/Excel files. The first file contains your products information (example) and the second one contains your sales orders (example).

Your sales orders define the demand for your products and combining it with your current stock we compute replenishment suggestions for your store.
accurate data
Keep your data up to date
As mentioned before you should keep these TSV files up to date on your side. So every time you use Inventory Planner you have the sales forecast based on the latest sales.
full spec
Check out the documentation
Create an account in Inventory Planner and select your platform as TSV/Excel. Then you will be able to see the detailed documentation regarding the format of TSV files.
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