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Make better decisions to avoid stockouts and overstocking.

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Replenishment suggestions
Use sales forecast to purchase the right quantities of products
Have enough stock for products that are selling well. Forecast sales of products taking into account the average sales, out of stock periods, latest trends, and seasonality.
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purchase orders
Save time creating purchase orders
Create purchase orders with the right quantities in one click. Send them directly to your suppliers from Inventory Planner. Keep track of outstanding POs and completed purchases.
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budget allocation
Invest in the right brands and categories
Revenue forecasting for a category or vendor is a great way to find out how much inventory you should purchase for the next season taking into account the retail value of current stock, products on order, and sales forecast.
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overstock management
Release money tied up in overstock
Inventory Planner identifies a list of products for most effective promotion. See how to move old stock by adding more traffic, setting a discount, moving the product up in the category listing.
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See how you business is growing
Keep track of your inventory KPIs - revenue, profit, turnover, gross margin, and others. See how fast your inventory is moving and compare it over time.
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Starts from $99/mo for 1000 SKUs + $10/mo for each extra 1000 SKUs + $50/mo for each extra channel
  • Sales Forecast
  • Replenishment
  • Purchase Orders
  • Overstock Management
  • Open-to-Buy Planning
  • Inventory Insights
  • Data Export
  • Unlimited Users

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