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Streamline your purchasing and avoid stockouts
Make inventory replenishment as painless as possible and don’t waste time guessing how much to buy. Start your 14 days free trial and see the power of inventory planning.
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Automatic replenishment recommendations
Save an enormous amount of time each month by automating the reordering process. Compute the sales forecast for thousands of products in minutes!
Having more than 2000 variants can be a pain killer. We struggled with excel files and we suffered every day! With inventory planner being able to create PO based on automatic replenishment forecast we are extremely happy again.
Petdepot Store
Create purchase
orders in one click
Save time planning purchase orders. Send them directly to your suppliers from Inventory Planner. Keep track of outstanding POs and completed purchases.
Been using it for over a year, we manage thousands of items for sale, and more than 50 suppliers, Inventory Planner has taken away the "drama" and time expense to place new orders.
MrDog Store
Invest in the right
Financial planning is great way to find out how much inventory you should purchase for the next season. Aligning your financial goals with previous sales helps to ensure that sufficient stock levels are available and over-buying is minimized.
It gives you a recommendation on replenishment which is huge for our company because we manufacture our products. This means I know precisely how many products to make and balance under and overstock properly for a much improved cash flow and inventory turnover ratio! Don't do it manually like I was anymore and get this app!
Eve Organic Beauty Store
All sales channels in one place
Sell on your website and Amazon? Combine your sales in Inventory Planner and reorder products based on the overall performance.
I've been manually consolidating excel reports from Shopify for the past year and having all of the information available in one app is extremely convenient to see trends/stock levels.
Electricfamily Store
Inventory Planner customer stories
Read how retailers have improved their business using Inventory Planner. 
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